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Executive Summary

Quadrant Systems has specialized in developing government cashiering software since 1986 and our Receipt Accounting System for Windows has become one of the most widely used cashiering system in local governments. Since its inception hundreds of cashiering systems have been installed at local governments, primarily municipal and county. Cities and counties ranging in size from under 5,000 to over 1,000,000 population effectively use the Quadrant Receipt Accounting System.

Our only product is the Receipt Accounting System for Windows ( RASWIN). The RASWIN is marketed exclusively to governments or quasi-public institutions such as utilities. We have worked with governments of all sizes and RASWIN has been used in nearly every department of government, including Treasury, Utility, Permitting, Licensing, Community Development, Recreation, Police, Golf Courses and Courts.

Quadrant markets the RASWIN product throughout North America with all installation and support being handled from our offices in Tucson, AZ.


Quadrant Systems Receipt Accounting System for Windows provides tight management and operational controls over payment collection and processing in a variety of environments. The system can be used for filing and recording fees, fines and assessments, license fees, utility billing and tax payments, etc. In virtually any situation where cash and other forms of payment are collected and processed, the Receipt Accounting System for Windows has the following controls and operating features:

operator password security functions
multiple cash drawer control with full audit trails
transaction control flexibility
detailed customer receipt
complete transaction audit trails
non-cash ( check / voucher ) payment media validation
related papers ( documents ) validation
detailed and summary transaction reporting
business activity reports ( volume by hour )
automatic distribution of funds to multiple accounts
data export capability

cashier security - operator password security functions

Each cashier is assigned a security code and password. During normal processing the operators must identify themselves to the system. Access for each cashier is limited to the specific functions they are allowed to perform, as determined by the supervisor or manager of the receipting function.

Each function of the system is coded to permit access only by authorized personnel. Operator I.D. codes and passwords prevent unauthorized access and link each operator to the functions they performed for audit trail purposes. Most reports can be printed using cashier-based selection criteria so that individual cashier totals can be obtained even though multiple cashiers are working from a shared cash drawer.

cash drawer control & audit trail

Up to two computer controlled cash drawers can be added to each receipting workstation. Separate till totals are maintained for each drawer. The drawers will only open at the appropriate times during transaction processing and when specially requested by the operator. Such drawer openings can be logged to a detailed audit trail file if desired.

The recommended receipt printers support two physical cash drawers per workstation but the RASWIN software can track and unlimited number of drawer.

transaction control flexibility

The user can control the input requirements via a series of control table entries that define each transaction. A few examples of control options include:

Detailed Customer Receipt

A detailed receipt is printed for the customer as each transaction is processed. If desired, two receipts can be printed to provide the customer a receipt and complete hardcopy transaction log. Most RASWIN customers use the electronic journal the RASWIN creates instead printing duplicate receipts. Multiple receipt formats are available and can be customized to your specific needs on a transaction by transaction basis.

Complete Transaction Audit Trails

In addition to the hardcopy transaction log the system records all the data for each transaction in two separate computer data files. This is information is used at the end of the day to produce detailed and summary transaction reports. All information regarding each transaction is available in a convenient and consistent format. Report sequence for most reports can be selected by the operator, (e.g., by receipt number, transaction type, customer number, etc.).

Non-Cash (check/voucher) payment media validation

Non-cash payment media such as checks or vouchers can be endorsed with the correct bank account number, customer I.D., and date and time stamped, as part of the transaction process. The printing details are easily customized to meet special requirements in any installation.

Related Papers ( documents ) validation

Some situations call for validating documents related to a transaction - for example, papers associated with filing a court case. These can be easily handled by the system simply by specifying that document validation is required for a specific transaction type. The system will then prompt for document validation at the appropriate time during transaction processing. If document validation is not required for a specific transaction type the system automatically skips this step.

Validations typically include time/date stamping, receipt numbers, account numbers, etc. The format and content of the validation is user controllable and can vary by transaction type.

Detailed and Summary transaction reporting

In addition to standard audit reports there are many special reports produced by the system. These are usually custom designed to the special requirements of each installation.

Business Activity reports (Volume by Hour)

Transaction activity usually follows a non-uniform distribution - that is, there are peaks and valleys of activity throughout the day. A special screen display shows this information in bar graph form by time period so that you can build a staffing plan that closely matches business activity and workflow. Another screen shows volume by operator.

Can be linked to LAN servers data transfer

The system can be connected directly to a mini-computer or mainframe or LAN server based-apps for immediate account posting. Alternatively, the data collected by the system can be transferred to a mainframe computer for posting to other accounting systems and for long-term storage.

Automatic distribution of funds to multiple accounts

In many environments funds collected must be distributed to multiple accounts. The Receipt Accounting System for Windows automatically performs this distribution according to rules defined by the user. This completely eliminates the need for manual distribution, saving time as well as insuring consistency and accuracy in the distribution process. Special reports list the results of the distribution in both detail and summary form.

General Features

The Quadrant RASWIN runs under Microsoft Windows on standard PC's provided by the customer. The software is a bundled package with all modules and features included. The RASWIN software is one of the most comprehensive and flexible government receipting packages available from any source. Superior design allows us to adapt our program to meet the varied requirements of multiple departments at most sites with no or only minor modifications required.

Hardware Requirements

The Quadrant Receipt Accounting System for Windows software runs on customer supplied IBM compatible personal computers. The current recommended minimum configuration for each RASWIN workstation is as follows:

Software Information

Payment Processing Overview

The RASWIN supports an unlimited number of payment media, all of which may be set up and maintained by Customer personnel. Within a defined payment media type, an unlimited number of sub-types may be defined by table entry. End of day reports total by payment type and by sub-type. For example, consider the following:

Payment Type Sub-Type
CK Personal Check
Money Order
Traveler’'s Check
Government Check
Business Check
CC Master Card

As you can see, it is possible to define many type/sub-type combinations, although this is rarely a requirement.

The Receipt/Validation printers used with the RASWIN system all have continuous roll receipt paper with an unlimited number of lines for transaction data and up to 15 lines of validation. Validation formats are user defined and can be specified by transaction code; i.e. different validation format for a business license versus a building permit. Validation can also be selected for each line item on a receipt (e.g., individual items on a building permit) as well as for the receipt total.

Data Editing Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities

Additional Capabilities

The RASWIN includes two data extract programs as part of the standard system.

The first generates a data file suitable for upload to most host systems. This is usually a "fixed format" record created in ASCII format. The specific data included, and the format of this file will be tailored to suit the needs of the Customer at no charge. This process is usually intended to support the batch mode transaction extract/upload processing requirements.

The second extract process is flexible in nature and allows the user to indicate which fields and in what format the data is to be extracted. You can include or exclude each field in the transactions records, and standard formats have been developed to support programs such as Excel, Access , XML, etc (virtually any program that will accept a fixed format or delimited ASCII file).

The RASWIN software creates the needed extract/upload data files. The method of transferring the data physically to the required location depends on the LAN or host environment in place.

Transactions may be backed up at any time, and certainly they should be backed up at least daily. Back up can be to tape, diskette or to the Network.

RASWIN has the ability to perform on-line access to a mainframe. If the mainframe downloads information to the Network, the RASWIN workstations can easily access the files for cashier use.

The RASWIN user can specify any close out time for any register. This is done simply by performing the "end of day" routines to close out the current day, then doing "start of day" to indicate the next business day to be used.

The RASWIN updates a shared SQL Server database as each transaction item is processed. A transaction data extract program creates a data file suitable for transmission to a host system on request. The physical transfer of the data (via an appropriate transmission method) is a separate step. This allows multiple workstations to close out and prepare their extract data files independently of each other, if desired, or data from multiple systems can be consolidated into a single batch and uploaded from a single machine. This is the most frequently used approach. The consolidation process usually takes less than 60 seconds per workstation.

Initial Application Setup

Software Support

Reproducible program errors are corrected as soon as they can be researched, corrected and adequately tested. The corrected file can be placed on our web site for download 24/7.

Quadrant's normal office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 PST/MST (We are located in Arizona, which does not recognize Daylight Savings Time). Support is provided by remote connection to your system[s], by phone, e-mail, and our Web Site - (www.quadrant-systems.com). Support outside of the normal working hours (including weekends) can be arranged on request.

The Receipt Accounting Software for Windows (RASWIN ) carries a ninety-day warranty. Warranty begins with the completion of system installation.

All Quadrant supplied hardware proposed is supported via depot maintenance.

Quadrant provides software support services in one of two ways. These are:

Additional services Quadrant provides include:

There is no extra cost for this service beyond the normal annual support fee.

Additional Training Services.

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